Glutathione – A whitening artefact

Indulge your skin with the rich, velvety texture of our firming face mask. Using the latest science and technology in SKIN PIGMENT RESEARCH , we have developed a multi effect formula of exclusive glutathione and some unique ingredients, which can double lock melanin cells from the inside to the outside, so that women can restore pearl like bright skin and reduce the stubborn pigmentation.

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Have you notice the difference in skin during day and night?

When 20 years old , skin’s self renewal are faster than aging speed, so you won’t notice it. But when you are about 20~30 years old, you will notice the difference of your skin during day and night, and after 30 years old, you will notice that the difference became more significant, it is too late at this point for recovering.


Fight the daynight difference effectively fight aging

Encountering aging problem, we know that the first step to fight aging is to know daynight differences. This is the first signal our skin sent to us about aging, telling you what it needs, therefore fighting aging starts with solving the skin’s daynight difference.


Everyone will have daynight differences in skin

Actually everyone have daynight differences in their skin, just that the expressions is different. For example, dry skin: skin sagging, wrinkles deepening, skin become rough. On the other hand oily skin are: excessive oil secretion, dull skin and enlarged pores.


Why there are daynight differences in skin?

The most fundamental problem happens during in all of us after age 0f 20 is that your skin started to age faster than your skin-renewal speed, the differences accumulate into the night, resulting the significant difference when in daytime.

Skin cell damaged causes decrease skin immunity, thinning horny layer resulting skin not nourish enough, finally causes the skin protection to weaken and no longer able to protect skin against environment irritation. The prolonged irritation of skin nerve fibers, easily form redness, pyrexia, itching, ache, rashes and all kind of uncomfortable problems.


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Skin’s moisture

When temperature in the air drops, horny layer cannot regulate enough  moisturizing factor in time, causes oil gland activity slow down, decreasing oil and moisture on the face. The face will start to become strained, and forming wrinkles below the eyes and around the nose. By using corresponding skin care, nourishing skin to prevent evaporation of moisture, improve microcirculation, improve skin moisture, these process is known as moisturizing, the best way to moisturize skin is to have good interaction between skin and moisturizing product.


Excessive sebum secretion, sebaceous gland blocked, bacteria infection and inflammation are all related to acne. When entering puberty, androgen in the human body rises rapidly especially testosterone, enhancing the growth of sebaceous which cause large amount of sebum secretion. At the same time, the abnormal keratosis of sebaceous glands causes it to get blocked, sebum not able to discharge, forming horny plug which is micro acne.


The basic theory is to remove or break down keratinocytes, dermal cells, collagen and elastic fibers on the surface of aging skin, stimulate the metabolism and natural repair ability of the skin, let skin grow healthy epidermis cells, collagen, elastic fibers and hyaluronic acid. Resulting in improvement of skin’s pigmentation, brightness, texture and elasticity, at the same time it also have whitening, reduce wrinkles, shrinking pores and cure fading acne scars effects.


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I love this mask. Not only does it smell wonderful, but it makes my skin feel amazing. It has a smooth, creamy texture that absorbs right into the skin, leaving you feel refreshed and cleansed. I sometimes wear it for only 10 minutes a night, but I have also worn it over night and it works great both ways. No complaints whatsoever!

JacquelineBest Mask Ever!!!

I’ve only used samples of this product but I love the way it makes my skin feel. I have dry skin and when I use this product overnight, I wake up with moisturized and plump skin. I can’t quite speak for the firming of my skin but it definitely feels fresh and so soft. Unlike other reviewers, this product has never flaked on me. It always goes on smoothly.

Sarah LeeThe mask is amazing!

I got mine as a sample and saw results the next day. My skin just felt firmer and very soft. I have seen the roll up of the product but I think it was because I had a serum on underneath and/or I was rubbing the product in to much.

NuruhI love this stuff!