Understanding the skin needs day and night

Moisturize in the morning, cleansing in the night

Skin care in the morning is about moisturizing, in the night is about cleansing!Skin in the morning are in the best condition because of nourishment in the night, so skin care are not required too much, just cleanse the oil secretion during the night. A lot of people finding their skin dull when they wake up in the morning, that is because the skin are dehydrated, so other than cleansing the face, moisturizing is very important in the morning.

Morning cleaning oil, cleaning pollution in the night

After waking up in the morning, the skin have secret some oil and used some moisture, so use some mild face cleanser to clean the oil on the face, just do some simple cleaning and moisturizing is sufficient. But that does not applied to the night, after spending a whole outside, certainly there are accumulation of dust on the face, so doing some deep face cleaning in the night is a must.

Day lotion VS Night lotion The biggest difference between day lotion and night lotion is on how they are being absorb by the skin. Day lotion are lean to isolate the skin against sunlight, while night lotion is skin’s nourishment, main on repair and nourishing effect.

Sun protection in the day, repairing in the night

In the day, constantly exposed to UV in the day will damage your skin, so apply sunblock before going out is essential. So after the whole day of exposure to the sun, skin are definitely damaged, cleansing, moisturizing, skin care before going to bed to a must.